The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Hey all.
This morning I finished reading “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, which is the complete compilation of the stories that appeared in the Strand Magazine, when first published.
It’s great because it’s easily readable; If you know much of crime fiction, some of it is a little predictable, but even after studying crime fiction for the last year, and having read a bucketload of the Holmes short stories, I still couldn’t pick 90% of the mysteries.
They’re old, and a little outdated, but the compilation’s a classic, and still a great read. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle keeps them short and interesting; many are extremely surprising, and possibly the best thing is that they can be easily read in a short time. It took me a while to finish, because I’m in the middle of exams, yet where other book of the same length would have been hard to keep up with whilst focusing on other stuff, the single episodes are handy for a one off sitting before bed.

All in all, an interesting read, a classic for good reason, and great if you haven’t got heaps of time to read a more in depth novel.
No. 804 on the list of 1001 books you must read before you die.



What are your thoughts?

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