Symbological refinition

Hey all.
New words, isn’t it exciting!
Well, basically I do a bible study every tuesday night with a bunch of other dudes my age. And this last while we’ve been looking at revelation. Wow, John was on some serious PATMOS when he wrote that stuff. But it’s pretty epic. And trippy.

But basically, we’ve adopted a new word. Symbology. Yeah, I know, that’s already a word. But its so much more fun to use it instead of symbolism. plus, who ever needs to talk about the study of symbols anyway? And the same grammer Nazi in our group always corrects us. Always. Why?

Whilst on the topic of new words as of revelation; “Persuction”. Persecution, but spelt by a tired 28 year old student. Makes me think of torture by fat removal. Sounds fun.

And finally, Refinition.
Combine refined with definition. As in you have really refined muscle definition.
As in tight, solid, well-chiselled. And yes, the guy who said this is the dumbest person you’ve evr met, and yes, he was talking about butt cheeks, and yes, somehow he manages to get 100% in 4unit (i.e superhard) maths in the trial HSC.

You got new words? Let me know. I always wished there was a place called gornsby…


What are your thoughts?

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