Book Review; The Talented Mr Ripley

I have just finished reading the original Ripley novel by Patricia Highsmith, and loved it! For me, It was really cleverly written, slipping shocking, even evil deeds under the carpet by using am incredibly real, gripping character. I couldn’t help but connect with Tom Ripley, and the cool consideration, unexpected storyline, sudden twists, and an ending that leaves you both feeling victorious and a little horrified as well really makes you wonder what it was that twisted your views around so much in the reading.
It sounds cheesy, but it really does get you challenged about the nature of thought, justification, point of view etc.
It’s a great read, realistic, easy and lightweight to read, an interesting Narrative and overall fantastic litereature.
Kudos to you, Patricia Highsmith!
Number 495 in the list of 1001 books to read before you die.


What are your thoughts?

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