Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I was a little slow. But that’s because I was away celebrating finishing High School with 4 of my mates.
But anyhoo, after the epic week in the blue house with the sun, at the beach, playing Nintendo 64 (yeeeeeeeeew!), I went to see the latest instalment.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. I’m pretty much a HP fanatic. Not the dress up in cloaks, and line up for hours fanatic. Cos that’s not my kinda personality.
More of the “I’ve read book 1 over 30 times” kind of fanatic. So, obviously, I know the story pretty well.
And I was impressed. I loved the movie, it stuck pretty close to the actual events, even dialogue.

Ok, so the snitch thing happened late, Voldy wasn’t summoned to the hollow, Griphook didn’t say the sword was fake, they didn’t talk about Harry’s cloak as the cloak of Ignotus Peverell. They haven’t made it too clear that saying “Voldemort ” summons the death eaters, they didn’t have anything about the fact that it was Harry’s wand rather than Harry which broke Voldy’s wand at the star. Important point, I thought. Also, they skimped down on the whole episode at Sirius’ place, the Kreacher and Regulus tale, which is perhaps the biggest disappointment for me. And on that, as IF blogger doesn’t have “Voldemort” in it’s dictionary!

HOWEVER. This is probably the best. Apart from perhaps the first 2 movies, this stuck the closest to the books, was the most in depth, and definitely focused best on reproducing the book (the sets, characterisation, dreams, visions etc were mostly as I imagined).
All in all, WOW. I can’t wait for the final instalment in the series, I’m pumped! So anyone else up for a HP marathon before the last one comes out??

Let me know what you thought of it! I’d really like to hear some other opinions. What was the biggest bummer for you? Did anyone else notice that “Scared man” got a named mention in the credits?

Next mission; Voyage of the Dawn Treader on thursday or whereabouts. I think I will be disappointed…


What are your thoughts?

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