Book Review; The Big Sleep

Enter, Mr Philip Marlowe. One of my favourite characters in fiction, I thoroughly enjoyed reading perhaps the most famous book he featured in. Whilst I had seen the film (which was similar, but different in some areas), and even understood it (with help of a plot summary), I am firm in my resolution; film cannot portray a Raymond Chandler properly.
The book is written in a style I really enjoyed, the phrasing in particular being witty and readable. You connect with the characters, particularly Marlowe, in a way typical to Hardboiled crime fiction; their flaws, reality, history and actions make them human.
A complex and intriguing story, it breaks past the stereotype of crime being merely a formula, to ACTUALLY investigate notions of justice, a poetic justice rather than judicial.
Overall, an easy read, and one that I would recommend as a classic of crime fiction, a prime example of Hardboiled crime, and a genuinely interesting and satisfying.
Number 599 on the list of 1001 books.


What are your thoughts?

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