The month of magic is here!
Why is December the month of magic? well, you see;
-my birthday (18, woowoo) is a pretty epic start, on the 3rd
-followed by the smell of Christmas trees, which starts encroaching in the few weeks leadup
-I get to go lead on a camp for y5 and 6 dudes, with some awesome mates from church
-I then have a weekend away with some of these mates, plus many more, to hangout as leaders of next year’s youth group.
-y12 formal!
-Christmas; both the epicness of presents, trees and family, and the real reason; remembering Jesus, in his death for all of us (NB: not forcing beliefs here, just sarong what’s important to me)
-Boxing Day; every year the boxing day test occurs, starting the day after christmas/ i’m not much of a cricket player, but it’s always good to have a watch, and play a bit of backyard cricket with friends/family at christmas gatherings
-new years eve can be a fun night, whether you go into the city, hang out with friends, watch the fireworks, or all of the above
-surfing season!. I’ve been a few times already, but the water’s been cold the last week or so. So hopefully, warmer.
-the official start of summer, universally known for it’s good times, fun holidays, and family hangouts (also the longest break from school and uni in the Australian year)

The bad news? This was an unusually cold November, and December is predicted to be the same. Rain and cool temperatures rather than the typical Australian beach weather.


What are your thoughts?

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