Book review; On the Road

My sister and her friend love it. They’re both arty literature types. I thought I’d give it a go.

It was good, but a bit hot and cold, in my opinion. It seemed to have no overarching plotline/structure (which was sort of the purpose, and did add to it), which made it, at times, hard to read, as it seemed like it was just flow of consciousness. However the extremely emotive passages and descriptive, high-paced freedom that Jack Kerouac includes do give one an insane longing to just go on a road trip. Don’t plan it, don’t save up, just leave. I didn’t particularly connect with Paradiso’s admiration of Dean, as he seemed often driven by lust and flaunting of responsibility, yet there was something rakish that made him a free, fun-loving character. 
Overall, an enjoyable book, but may take a bit of pushing to get you through. The ending, however, is beautifully written. The last sentence-paragraph is incredible, and ties it in home, giving the book a wistful but satisfying ending.

What are your thoughts?

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