Music for the Poor Man

So, you like music?
Are you, Like me, broke?
Have the moral fortitude to say if it isn’t legally yours, you shouldn’t take it?
Here’s some good options.
  -this is an awesome network of artists, all the big names and up-and comings. besides being able to listen live, onlibe, to assorted songs by the artist, it recommends artists according to those that you like. Often this find indie or new bands, offering free music downloads.

8 tracks
  -“Listen for free to the best internet radio, crafted by people who know and love music. Or, legally share your own online mixtape, a streaming playlist with eight or more tracks.” that statement on their website pretty much sums it up. Some of these mixes are great, going from elevator music, classical and jazz to rock, rap and indie. A great way to connect with others and find new music you like as well.

Triple J Free Music
  -Triple j is one of the main radio station here in Aus, and they are specifically focused on scouting the Australian music industry. Here, on their website, you can find regularly updated free music, mostly Australian. If you want some of the back story as well as some alternate versions and covers, you can check out their “Like a Version”/live music podcasts, and search their files, for artists that you’re into.

Triple J Unearthed
  -As previously stated, Triple J is always scouting for new talent. One way in particular; their unearth program.  Basically, they find a whole bunch of bands that they see as having potential, and put them in a competition. Part of this involves giving away mp3’s by these bands. This is awesome because you get, for free, their best stuff, as that’s what they use in the competition.

Itunes Single of the week.
  -So, You have probably seen this, I know.. But if you haven’t already, check it out. Basically, once a week, Itunes gives away a song for free. Often they aren’t to my liking. Sometimes, they’re awesome, and you hit the jackpot. You never know what you might find.

Cover programs
  -Often harder to find, these are, however, great ways to get music. Someone (usually a company or radio station) gets a whosle heap of artists to come in and do covers. Sorta like the “like a version” thing at Triple J. examples; Levi’s Pioneer Sessions and A.V undercover. These often go for free off the websites of the organisers. Often the best way to find these is just search around on the net.
  -One of my favourite ways to get free music, this is based around record labels showcasing their artists. A load of record labels, mostly alternative genre, put up some of their best known bands, or fresh talents, with a few tracks for free download. As it comes from the record label, It’s completely legal, and there are thousands of them. On my first visit, I downloaded over 100 songs, from bands I knew and had often wanted to buy from. Highly recommended.

So hopefully that’s given you a few handy ways of getting music whilst sticking to the law and your conscience, yet still giving you a huge variety of artists, songs and genres to enjoy yourself with.
Remember that if you”re into the whole free downloads thing at the moment, you can check out my “Ultimate Package” of downloads here.


What are your thoughts?

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