Rising Roar

Just dug up this poem from the depths of my PC. Don’t remember how long ago it was that I wrote it…
It’s pretty rusty, but hey, that’s how I roll.

Mirror blinded in sea we ran,
Breaths deeper than known before,
up to ankles sapphire sparkle
Deaf to hear the rising roar

Of waves within, assualt the shore,
the safety rope, the voice you knew
and loud, among the seabirds call
The one who snatched you from the blue

valleys, baked talons by trecherous sun
descent the same our hearts would roam
I’d sink and soar our dune again
Yet you fly when brother calls you home

Who was more, not I, now less
Pulled savage, always lie beside
to you a print mine couldn’t be
my feet dry sand; you drift low tide

Now only trapped in reverie I run,
You once more in those joyful throes
Yet I left my heart there in the deep,
Your sand clings tightly ‘tween my toes.

Slumber aside, he lies await
you hear and stow, as thrice before
if he wakes, another betrayed
deafeated runner hears no roar


What are your thoughts?

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