Music for the Poor Man Mark 2

You may have seen my list a while back, about ways to enjoy free, legal music. 

Some more ways have presented themselves to me. To see the other list, go to Music for the Poor Man.
Like betterpropaganda, listed in the previous post, this is a place where record labels put up songs by their artists. Some of these are remixes, some are well known songs. Again trending to the indie side of the market, it may or may not suit your tastes.
Spinnerhave a free mp3 of the day, every day, and plenty archived, so you can have a look  back at previous ones. I hadn’t heard of most, but found some good tracks in amongst them.
An interesting system, where by completing your interests, guvera suggests “channels”. These channels are basically pages where 3rd party companies give you free music downloads by visiting their channel, which advertises the company. So you get info related to interests as well as free music. If you live in Australia, sign up for a studentedge card, and you’ll get an extra 2 free songs.
One of my new favourites; like triple j live music, they record artists playing their hits, but rather than just one song in one session, daytrotter sessions are often like an EP of the greatest hits. Some of the better known indie and alternative bands are along here, and everything is available for free download.
There’s a couple more for you, go enjoy yourself!

What are your thoughts?

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