Who are you?

I’ve been writing a bible study for my year 9 boys. The way I write a study means that to get what the passage is saying to me is essential in writing something that helps the guys be convicted by God’s word.

In Luke 9, Peter recognises and confesses the identity of Christ. A few verses later, Jesus speaks of the cost of following him. It is made very clear that a cruise-control attitude to Jesus is not good enough. We recognise Jesus? We are called to respond without being ashamed. It really hit home to me that when we desire to be followers of Jesus, it is the following of him that precedes all other concerns or phenomena. This means partly being willing to give up family, comfort and tradition (as listed in this second passage) but the concept extends to the point where all these things are seen in light of following Jesus; this is the primary concern, all else follows as aspects of this discipleship.
I failed to live up to this today; in my tute at uni we had to introduce ourselves to someone, who would then introduce us to the class. Guess what the topics we discussed were; where we live, what our family was like, what sorts of things we enjoy and where we are heading long term.
I’m sure you noticed the irony; the very things which Jesus calls us to make secondary to pursuit of Him are the things that we (if you are anything like me) define ourselves by.
That’s just a thought of something I need to work on. Thank God and praise him that he has found a way, in Jesus, for his perfect justice to be maintained whilst his love is also satisfied; a way for our shortcomings to be lifted from our shoulders. A way for us to find him even when we fail to follow him as we are called to.


What are your thoughts?

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