I am blind, but God can See

So I’ve been thinking a lot about senses. I mean, the way we understand everything depends on how we can interpret them. Last week I saw a blind man get on the train, on my way home from Uni. The way he treated it was so different to how we do. It can seem to us that without sight everything is a leap of faith. But if that is how you know everything, and understand everything, is it? He stepped across the gap, feeling with his stick and holding the elbow of his companion, and I didn’t see him any more. 
It made me wonder; so much of what I understand is image. But does that make my understanding of the world more correct than his. I’m getting more information in, but he makes use of less to do the same tasks.
And It also makes me think, what if the knowledge and perception I have is less complete than I thought. I can’t see the UV spectrum, I can’t hear above a certain pitch. But just as the blind man was getting by with a whole lot less information (and as such his perception was limited to a different “medium”), maybe I’m getting less than I though.
This thought humbles me when I introduce the knowledge of God. He knows not just everything, but in every possible way. My understanding is limited to human ability (be that intellectual limits, sensory limits etc.), but there must be so much more that I can’t perceive. Example? The spiritual world that seems so mysterious and beyond perception for humanity.
But God gets it all, because he made it all. And I if can’t even understand all that I can see, hear, taste smell and touch, then how awesome is he who understands, and created, not just this, but everything I am blind to as well. 

What are your thoughts?

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