Meaning Songs

How awesome is music!
It’s weird that music can carry such strong emotional connotations, or that emotions can even carry connotations of music.
I find making music is one of the best ways for me to control my emotions, and also to engage with God.
How incredible is God, that he gave us music! I’m starting to sound like ABBA.

Anyhoo, here are a few examples of songs that have such connotations for me;

Falling Slowly, by the Frames
I love listening to this song when I skateboard (longboard, great for cruising). It’s kind of a sad song, but there’s something hopeful about it as well. It hits home with me.

Your Latest Trick, By Dire Straits
This one came from schoolies. It was such a good time hanging out, laughing and enjoying the company of my mates in a non-conformist to schoolies way (yeah, so much pasito, no alcohol!). But this song has a really positive memory from one moment of schoolies that was random, but made us just laugh for ages.
Romeo and Juliet is also a great emotive song that hits home.

Africa, By Toto
An Oldie, but a goodie. Another schoolies one. This one was being played both on the stereo and by 3 of us on ukuleles all week on schoolies. Brings back epic memories of hanging out on the beach late at night, litening to music and being amazed by how awesome creation is.

A drop in the ocean, by Ron Pope
Not as much my normal music style, but this reminds me of my trip to Europe a few years ago. It brings to mind Rome and Switzerland, whilst also being a really emotive song in general.

The Mystery, by Tommy Emmanuel
This guy is incredible, I love his guitar playing. This song in particular just makes me happy. It’s one of my favourite driving songs, or else a great one for just before going to bed. So much good vibe.

The World Spins Madly On, by The Weepies
Simple and beautiful, almost in a haunting way…it has a wistful mood to it. I love it.


What are your thoughts?

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