Purpose-Built; Homes to House your Lifestyle (Not Just You)

A model of the skate house, in Paris

The guy behind “Etnies” is a skate nut. So with the loads of cash he earned from his brand, Pierre Andre Senizergues got some designers onto the task of creating him a new home. One that was entirely skate-able.

This pic (left) is just an installation in Paris of the concept; somewhere you can live, but that is built with the dual purpose of inhabitation and skate-based recreation.

Skating the ‘Ramp House’ in Athens

The idea may have come from the “Ramp house”, a similar idea, built in Athens after being designed by Archivirus. It is “a ‘ramp house’ and not a ‘house with a ramp’”, and is all about integrating the two elements into one.

This got me thinking about ways in which houses (or buildings, or rooms) are designed, in order to integrate a lifestyle into a dwelling.

1. The house of Alex Michaelis, a British architect/designer. He created his house around the idea of sustainability, and being child-friendly. In the sense of a playground.

Slide by the Stairs

 Apart from it’s “green” environmental design, it is pretty darn cool, being underground, and having a slide next to the stairs, a climbing wall, and a kid-sized pool. I wouldn’t mind a go in that house myself.

The House Climbing Wall

2. Taking the idea of the slide again, but making it so much bigger and better is the Japanese three-story family home by LEVEL architects. They specify again, it’s not a house “with” slide, but a house “of” slide. And it’s awesome, because the slide goes from the top (3rd) level, wraps around the house, and ends up on the bottom floor again. The point is that it’s a faster and easier way for both kids AND adults to make their way around.

Housing Nakameguro 16
The Slide and Stairs Circle the House

Slide from Top to Bottom
Golf on the Roof

4. There’s a house designed by ADD +Arquitectura, still in concept, which apart from being modern and having great views, features a rooftop garden and lookout. Designed for the hills of Igualada in Spain, the “garden house” is geared up as a clean, modern getaway amongst the beauty of nature.
But one of the best things (for someone like me, anyhow) about this house is the minigolf on the roof. There’s seven separate holes across a roof that slopes and wraps around; angles and rises are provided by skylights and windows. It looks like a really fun little golf run, as well as having awesome views and being an epic house.

Putting with a View

5.  Cats, cats cats. Not everyone’s favourite animal, but there’s a house (again in Japan) called the Plus-Nyan house. It’s kinda cool in that it is specifically designed for cats to be able to move around. They researched what cat owners (crazy cat ladies) want in their houses to make their cats happy, or make living with cats easier.

A room for cats under the stairs

They came up with a house that has beams and “steps” for cats to make their way around on. The walls are special scratch-proof material. There are small windows around to keep them occupied, a cat deck outside a large window (with a cage so they can’t get away), a little hidey-hole under the sink, cat flaps in every room and a cat room under the stairs. I’m not into this house myself, because I think a cat would prefer to get outside. But it’s certainly an interesting idea.

That’s just a few of the ones I saw; let me know of any purpose-driven homes; houses specifically built to sustain a certain lifestyle, better than any normal house could. I’m thinking jumping castles, a giant sundial house,a house with a giant chessboard.


What are your thoughts?

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