Harry Potter; Not Far Off

 Omnioculars, those spectationary aids (binoculars with special features) used by Harry, Ron and Hermione at the quidditch world cup (in book four, the goblet of fire), are not that far off. I was catalog thumbing the pages of the MX – yes, that oh so reputable complimentary publication for commuter consumption – when I happened upon this sneaky little instalment.

Harry Potter’s own Omnioculars use magic to slow down and repeat game highlights. In this case, however, it is not whizz-bang wand-wielding and wily witchcraft or wizardry, but the magical mystery of modern machinery and technology that allows such fabulous freedom of functionality. All we need is something to alert us to the use of the Hawkshead attacking formation, or emblazon across our vision that the Wronski Feint is a “dangerous seeker diversion”, and we will be one crazily cool contraption closer to that magical existence we so desire.

One comment on “Harry Potter; Not Far Off

  1. Anonymous says:

    This would make watching soccer down at Penno Park so much greater.xox. J-Bone.

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