Kayak Adventures, Videos, Stunts

A couple of mates and I are planning a bit of a kayak adventure for the start of next year. Something that goes for about a week along the stretch of the Murrumbidgee between Orange and Yass, out a little more rural in NSW. this falls a little short of our crazy dreams of creating a pedal-powered land-kayak, or road tripping around Australia in a “gig van” (a live-in van kitted out so that you can open a door etc and be ready to play an impromptu gig within a couple of minutes).

But even so, the kayak-talk got my brain-wheels turning, and from the tangle of memory threads cluttering up the mysterious cavern that is my cranial space, I recalled these 2 videos. Enjoy.


One comment on “Kayak Adventures, Videos, Stunts

  1. Lachie says:

    that bounce is insane!!! completely ridiculous!!!i reckon he should've used the rails on the left in that second vid

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