The Road Not Taken – Thoughts part II

As I said in Part I, Frost’s poem “the Road Not Taken” is beautiful, and stimulated many ponderings. As these thoughts were bouncing round my skull, I did two things. Wrote the draft to the first blog post, and jotted down this hasty poem. Like my others, it’s pretty crude and I’ll probably look back in a month and cringe, but this blog is about me getting my thoughts in order, and hopefully helping out someone who has the same frame of mind as me.

Being not Frost I didn’t wait;
the fork made not I hesitate,
Before I with purpose full,
Took road less travelled, shallow pool.

Once within, beyond first bend,
Another meeting, God did send,
Of easy path to see and serve,
Or perhaps to test a different nerve.

Aside much longer yet one must say,
most like to end the same some day,
but by traversing longer wind,
might wisdom, weapons, strength I find.

A Pilgrim who does long to be
the eagle who can, soaring, see,
the path to take from Sovereign’s sky,
How father works for the good of I.


What are your thoughts?

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