Pride – A Pitfall of Public Posting

It’s time to re-focus. Massive shoutout to Tash, who wrote this awesome rebuke/challenge about blogging and online content. Seriously, read it.

I read that this morning and I realise that I’ve been served up a massive warning. Online is a massive danger area for me.
Blogging really helps me to get my thoughts in order. I think it’s because putting something up publicly means that it has to be more formed and considered than a private diary or something like that. It also allows me to organise thoughts in a way that I can archive and find them, organised by their content and their date. 
BUT one of my own issues is pride; through school I definitely had an ungodly sense of self-righteousness that I didn’t really start battling with until y12. It’s still something that is one of my struggles. 
Blogging, then, is something that I need to examine my motives for, as well as examining the posts I make, in order to make sure they are not driven by pride or self-exultation. 
Praise God that he rebukes and encourages through his word and through my brothers and sister, the saints.

2 comments on “Pride – A Pitfall of Public Posting

  1. ausCJ says:

    A good rebuke. But please keep blogging! It's also an encouragement to others. :)

  2. Amacdonald56 says:

    yeah man. Not gonna stop anytime soon; it's good for me, and hopefully others also :).

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