Better than I deserve.

I’ve been reading “The Heavenly Man”. It’s the biography of Brother Yun, a house church leader and evangelist in China. Some of the suffering and trials he goes through are so extreme that it’s amazing he survived them.

Apart from how challenging it is to see a man so committed to God that he remains faithful through all things, I was hit by one particular concept.

Brother Yun said that God would never let him suffer as much as he deserved. That is, whatever suffering you experience, it is not as bad as what our sin warrants. In Romans, we see that present sufferings will not be worth considering once Jesus returns, and we see that through all things, God is working for the good of those he has called.

But we also see that death will not provide comfort, peace or rest for people who do not know Christ. The wages of sin is death, and this death means torment and separation from God, FOR EVER.

Even when suffering is great, God is showing us grace by allowing us to be free from the eternal judgement we deserve.


What are your thoughts?

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