CPX on Gay Marriage

“The striking thing about [Jesus] is his ability to profoundly disagree with people on ethical issues, and yet befriend them, the very people he disagrees with.” -Dickson

Gay Marriage? from CPX on Vimeo.

This video does a pretty good job of getting a view out there which is common among a lot of Christians. While I, and many I know, cannot conceive of same-sex marriage as possible within God’s paradigm of marriage, I also find the hate campaigns and bigotry plain offensive.

The Christian world has definitely got to apologise (and if I’ve been responsible for part of it as well, then I apologise) for mistreatment of both people and issue here. That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly ok with gay marriage. It just means that I’m also not ok with browbeating and moralising that is completely against the gospel.

The Christian community, as Dickson says, is to simultaneously flex the muscles of both ethical conviction and compassion.


3 comments on “CPX on Gay Marriage

  1. Dave Miers says:

    solid gear from dickson!

  2. […] A few things come to mind. One may be the socio-political dynamic in the USA. Ultra-conservatism is justified as a Christian concept. While much of what they say may be, somewhere along the line, biblical, there is a lot of baggage that goes along with it. Consider homosexuality. While there is a biblical viewpoint on sexuality, and Christians are right to maintain their conscience, there is no biblical warrant at all for the hate and condemnation towards homosexuals that we have seen (and cringed at, for the damage it does to the cause of the gospel) so many times. It seems that Christianity may appear, to some, as a platform through which their homphobia may be legitimised. The fact that their actions are so far from gospel truth suggests that for at least some, Christianity is not a personal faith in Christ to the glory of God, but a social phenomenon. [Edit: For those who are interested in a more biblical view of homosexuality, have a look over HERE.] […]

  3. Joel Gibson says:

    I like Dickson’s opinion on how the community should react regarding gay marriage. I also think that bigotry or name-calling on either side is not ok. Freedom of speech means anyone should be allowed to take any opinion without being vilified for it, and too often I see secular people almost “ganging up” and crushing views held by religious people, which is not ok.

    The issue of gay marriage itself is neither here nor there for me. On one hand I can see how it would be wonderfully affirming for the gay community to cross that last hurdle, and be able to do what even secular heterosexual couples are able to do. On the other hand, I can see how the idea of a marriage might not be the best thing in this case, partly because of its long history and attached social baggage. I continue to sit on the fence on that one.

    However, the thing I feel incredibly strongly about is the fact that homosexuality is regarded as sinful and wrong. It has never seemed to me to be the case – why should two people’s love be distinguished or set apart because of their gender specifically? It is not any harder for me to imagine developing deep feelings for a man as for a woman. Surely any relationship where the outcome is love, happiness, and joy is something to strive for, not drive away.

    I came across this a while ago: http://unkingdom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/why-I-believe-that-being-gay-is-not-a-sin.pdf
    Particularly relevant is the author highlighting mental illness and depression caused partly by people believing that something is wrong with them, and hence stuck as sinners for life. The rates of depression and suicide related to this are high enough that a lot of rethinking and reexamining should be done before really declaring homosexuality a sin or not.

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