New City Catechism – God

I’m a fan of the New City Catechism from the Gospel Coalition. Check it out HERE.

Given that the trends in evangelicalism seem to be towards a social gospel, cultural relativism (especially regarding gender and sexuality) and other liberal, gospel-soft approaches (resulting ultimately in the abandonment of biblical authority and a loss of belief in Christ as saviour rather than mere inspiration), we need to ground ourselves in solid doctrine. On the other hand, Christian culture can lead to ultra-conservatism accompanied by loss of perspective and compassion. In this case, we need an emphatically biblical gospel, because it is through the truth that God’s Spirit works to renew us and teach us to love.

We need to be firm about who God is, who we are, and how such a relationship works, if we are to avoid these traps. The traps of insular, individualistic faith flank the church on one side. On the other side, a conceptualisation of redemption that depreciates the personal salvation offered by Christ. (Note; This idea of maintaining and counterbalancing cosmic and personal gospel is prevalent in Matt Chandler’s “Explicit Gospel”. I don’t agree with his every point, but 95% of the book is fantastic, and very helpful).

We need balance. The truth of the gospel of Christ, worked in us by the Spirit, is what we need in every situation – no less so now. I appreciate how the New City Catechism is  bringing fundamental, beautiful, gospel truth to us in a way we can engage with it. A


2 comments on “New City Catechism – God

  1. pixierose22 says:

    How encouraging to find another Gen Y catechism lover!
    I own a copy of the Westminster catechism (short version!) and often read through it.
    I love the idea of memorising Scripture as well as answers to the catechism so that truth can be found deep within me, even my sub conscience. Out of interest, have you ever resolved to memorise any of it? Or decided with a friend to test each other?

    • amacdonald56 says:

      Not really, no. I memorised the first few chapters of Matthew once, but I can’t remember that now…genealogy wasn’t the greatest choice.

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