Falling Plates – One Request

I have one request.

The picture painted is that of beautiful redemption of broken people.

Many will find this a tasteful, even alluring, idea – yet reject it on other terms. Maybe you disagree with the claim that you cheated on God, that is “sinned”.

Maybe you don’t like that it says Jesus rose from the dead.

Perhaps you think it’s a nice story, but it’s not for you. At least not yet, anyway.

I have one request.

If the story moved you at all, let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts. I would love to know what you liked, or what you hated, about this video, or about the message of the gospel it is paraphrasing.

Put in a comment, shoot me an email or SMS, give me a call or hit me up on social media!


What are your thoughts?

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