Summer Madness ’13

Every year in January we go away to One Mile beach. We come back keen for the year, ready to kick it off in a way that honours God. By “we” I mean the y9-12 crew from St Matts West Penno.

Tents set up, a bit of summer sun.Support crew taking care of all the hard stuff. Camp chairs, a kangaroo hopping around the place, a bit of surf and sliding down sand dunes.  once again did an awesome job making camp (especially meals!) happen. I said a bit of summer sun. There was also a fair bit of summer rain. And a lot of summer cloud cover. But the weather didn’t put a damper on it. Camp still rocked!

We had an awesome 4 days away getting to know each other and having a blast. Most importantly, we got into the Philippians. Our camp speaker Sam laid down some gospel, and exhorted us to fix our eyes on Christ. As people who have been adopted, welcomed in by God, we should be learning what He is like, and showing that to the world.

Jonno has done an awesome job putting together the video this year. I love it – it’s got a Possum whacking the camera, some cool action footage, a rave, and a serenade from Chuckles. It’s even got me pulling a blank face. Extreme.  Far and away my favourite thing about the video from camp, however, is the way it ends. Coming out of camp, I think that little gold nugget from Sam outlines the right attitude for this year.

Summer Madness 2013 from Jonno Weir on Vimeo.

I can’t say it better than him.

“Let me leave you with this: Do you want true and lasting Joy? Joy that will remain regardless of your circumstances, regardless of what life throws at you. Joy that will give you a perspective in your life.

Friends, set your eyes on Jesus. Wait for him with eagerness; long for him to come. And while you do, tell other people – the king is coming.”

I’ve been on camp for the last seven years. Every time, I come away stoked to live for God. Looking back on them all, this year was a good one. Everything worked. Most importantly, God worked.

The king is coming. Amen.


One comment on “Summer Madness ’13

  1. Lindsay Hands says:

    Chuckles and I alex ;)

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