So God made a farmer



So God made a farmer.

There’s something about this ad that is just beautiful. It’s so simple. Old-school voice-over with awesome pictures beneath. The audio is from 1978 – Paul Harvey, an American radio presenter, delivered a speech at a farming convention.

One of the reasons it is so powerful is that it inspires. It inspires to see hard work as honourable and admirable. It makes you want to stop fooling around and just do it. Integrity, dedication, love and care are all showcased here. It’s humbling. And I have found it a challenge to me in my faith. We are to work hard, to keep going, to show endurance. We should show determination, courage and integrity, yet be tender and nurturing. We aren’t to give up, or have time off from serving God. We are to just do it. God’s work is better than farming. We should work harder and longer, be more invested, give our lives to this work more than any farmer.

And when I have a son, I hope that he can see a life of hard work and service. I pray that he will look up to me, and not see the job as something too rough or tough or draining. I pray that he will want to do what I have done, because that is the best thing in the world to do.


One comment on “So God made a farmer

  1. Illustrating the Glory of God says:

    Love it! A want to be a farmer too. I’m thinking of going to work as a stockman for a few years after university if I can find a place. Then I’ll learn some real hard work!!

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