First Listen: Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow

Cracker of a song! Also, props to G-trav, always enjoy his posts over at “i heard a song today.” Dig it.

i heard a song today

A few years back James Vincent McMorrow released an album that received a fair bit of justified love. It was quite unabashedly a folk album, recorded in a few months of solitude  in a cabin in Ireland. Yes, I know that in this post-Bon Iver epoch, such narratives are now sneered at, but he seems like an earnest guy. One thing that just about anyone could say of McMorrow is that his voice is sublime. Another things is that his surname sounds like a McDonalds campaign suggesting you should make dinner plans a day early: ‘have a day off, have a McMorrow.’

I didn’t actually buy his first album, but a mate claimed the songs weren’t great. I have listened to it though, and it seemed like something I’d be very interested in listening to somewhat regularly for a short-to-moderate period of time. But forget the old album, Twitter…

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