Believing stories

It’s hot, and the three men are tired. Two of them are men, anyway. The third is much younger, yet he has seen a harder time than many would in their lifetime. He has just finished telling his story. The others are incredulous. Surely this tale cannot be real.


[Before I go any further, it’s worth mentioning that this post follows this one from a few days ago. I’ve been thinking about stories and their significance recently, and some of those reflections are making their way into blog posts. These first two are a tad more abstract. The next one, maybe two, will hopefully bring it back to the real world. Basically the point of the first post was that stories are powerful and have real impact on those who engage with them. Stories are an essential tool of making sense of information. Because of this, it helps us make sense of events, history, and our own experiences and identity. The power of stories can be anything from the enthralling tales in Tolkien’s fantasy to didactic myths and fables to singing a story in song. Even a simple metaphor with descriptive language could be seen as use of story to illuminate a more abstract idea (“Reaching new heights like a bird in a spaceship”). Now you’re up to speed – read on!]

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Video: Life of Pi: Theatrical Trailer by thelifeofpimovie

The Life of Pi by Yann Martel is one of my favourite books. Generally, film adaptations don’t make my happy gauge start pinging. When I heard the first whisperings of this movie, excitement was not the word you would use to describe my reaction. It seemed (and still seems) that it is a story that is impossible to tell visuall. That said, Martel’s own attitude towards it seems to be positive, and the cinematography and production looks amazingly good. I’m looking forward to this.